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Ree Drummond Says She's 'Embarrassingly Bad' At Making This Food
Although The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has proven her culinary expertise time and again, like many celebrity chefs, she too has her limits in the kitchen. While she has mastered comfort food dishes like pot roast and baked ziti, there’s one recipe that Drummond hasn’t mastered to this day.
In an interview with Amanda Lauren, Drummond revealed, “I am terrible at bread,” and added, “I make a very good loaf of bread every 13 attempts.” If you were in need of some homemade bread tutorials, then you’re out of luck, as she continued, “I will not be the host of any artisan bread instructional shows.”
Drummond’s battle with bread has been a long-term one, as she referred to the staple carb as her “nemesis” in the kitchen in a 2017 interview. Interestingly, some of her best dishes are also baked goods, and she notes, “I can say that my cinnamon rolls are the best in the world, and I thank my mom for that.”