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Reverse Creaming Is The Secret To Tate’s Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Tate’s Bake Shop is one of the most popular crispy cookie brands out there, but replicating their signature crunch from the comfort of your home is no easy feat. Thankfully, Justine Doiron of Justine Snacks explains how reverse creaming your ingredients can create the perfect Tate's chocolate chip cookie replica.
While the typical creaming method means butter and sugar are mixed together first, the reverse creaming method mixes butter with flour and the dry ingredients first. According to Doiron, when you use the regular old creaming method, you allow the butter to aerate, which hydrates the dough and makes it rise.
When you use the reverse creaming method, there's less time for aeration, leading to a crispier and thin cookie — and don’t worry if the cookies are thick when they come out of the oven; they’ll flatten out as they cool. This quick switch will change the way you bake, and make copycat Tate’s cookies a breeze.