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Robert Irvine Confirms What We Suspected About Restaurant Impossible

Robert Irvine's tough-love efforts to help struggling restaurants and owners recover their glory days on “Restaurant: Impossible” has elicited many tears on and off the show. When a fan of the show tweeted why the series was such a tearjerker, Irvine gave a heartfelt response.

Irvine lauded the fan’s emotions and admitted that he often sheds “tears of joy at the reveal.” Fans have noted a softer side to Irvine on recent seasons of “Restaurant: Impossible,” and Irvine himself has confirmed he no longer feels the need to be so harsh with the restaurant owners.

Irvine says it's sometimes hard to hold back tears when he hears of the hardships families on “Restaurant: Impossible” have gone through and overcome. During one particular episode, Irvine and the producers of the show donated funds to a family that got evicted soon after the reveal.

Irvine, who is a U.K. Royal Navy veteran, cares deeply about supporting both American and British vets. He often shares posts about veterans' mental health resources and runs a charitable organization which works to improve the lives of veterans.

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