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Robert Irvine Had A Tear-Jerking Message For Queen Elizabeth On Twitter
Since Queen Elizabeth II's death at 96, British icons including Helen Mirren, Mick Jagger, and Sir Elton John have paid tribute to the late monarch. This includes famous chefs such as the queen's former personal cook, Darren McGrady; Robert Irvine of Food Network also had an extremely touching message in honor of the queen.
Proud Briton Irvine almost immediately took to Twitter following the queen's passing, referring to her as an "amazing leader, selfless in her dedication to not only our nation, but the world." Many commenters quickly joined him in remembrance, with one user writing that she "is truly going to be missed and felt by the whole world."
This is not the first time Irvine has discussed royal matters publicly. In 2008, it was revealed that the chef had "embellished" his resumé by claiming that he'd been knighted by Elizabeth, was friends with her son King Charles III, and other fabrications; he later apologized and took responsibility, saying he was "truly sorry."