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Decorated sugar cookies


Rolled Buttercream Makes Icing Cutout Sugar Cookies A Breeze
Decorating cutout sugar cookies with precision is one of those activities that always seems easier for strangers on the internet, but rolled buttercream is about to change that.
While most of us know buttercream as a light and fluffy frosting that can be quite difficult to manipulate, rolled buttercream is completely different.
Made without the addition of liquids, it's a thick, almost doughy type of buttercream that can be rolled out smooth and shaped using cookie cutters or molds, much like fondant.
Depending on its thickness, some recipes may require the buttercream to be set in the fridge or freezer before being dusted with cornstarch (to prevent sticking) and rolled out.
Once the cookies are baked and the icing has been rolled flat, press the same cutter shape you used to make the cookies into the buttercream.
Lay the perfectly cut icing shapes on top of your cookies. As a Redditor said on r/cookiedecorating, "You get the flavor of buttercream with the moldability of fondant."