Grilled steak on a cutting board next to seasonings and vegetables.


Salt The Skillet In Place Of Your Steak For Crispy Results
We’ve all been taught to spend lots of time seasoning and marinating a steak before we put it on the pan, but seasoning the pan directly delivers a much quicker cooking process.
Seasoning the pan creates a barrier between itself and the steak, so the heated salt not only singes the steak, but it also seasons it and helps build a solid sear and crust.
Any pan works, but many suggest a cast iron skillet for its great heating and searing abilities. Leave lightweight nonstick pans out, as they won’t get hot enough for this tip.
Coarse kosher salt is a good choice due to its sturdy crystals that form a nice crust. Regular table salt contains iodine, which can leave the steak with a metallic flavor.
To use this hack, sprinkle a generous layer of salt on the pan, around 1-2 tablespoons, and allow your skillet to get extremely hot before adding the steak.
Gently push the steak around your pan to collect the salt and flip it about every 30 seconds for four to five minutes until it is perfectly salted and seared on both sides.
If you want to add other seasonings, then do so while the steak cooks rather than before since they’re prone to burn when subjected to high temperatures.