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Separating Eggs Is The Key To Fluffy Diner-Style Pancakes
There are certain tricks that diners use to make their stack of pancakes so airy that customers can't help but keep going back for more. One major technique that's stopping your homemade pancakes from becoming diner-style fluffy hotcakes has to do with how and when you add eggs to the pancake batter.
The typical method for making pancakes is to crack whole eggs into the batter and whisk, but for the best results, you should whisk egg yolks with other liquid ingredients first and combine the yolk mixture with the dry ingredients to make the batter. Then, add the egg whites and stir the batter till it forms a thicker consistency.
This technique allows you to simply stir the egg whites directly into the pancake batter instead of beating them into a meringue. Without the density of egg yolks, egg whites add a delicate, puffy, and airy texture ,so by separating them and adding them later, you'll be close to replicating diner-style pancakes at home!