Panera Bread sign on a building


Signs That Indicate Panera Might Not Be Around Much Longer
Declining Quality
Panera has been a customer favorite almost since it was founded in 1987, but the chain seems to be losing traction as customers notice a decline in quality.
Former loyal customers have been bemoaning the switch from fresh food made in-house to frozen items since the chain was purchased by a private equity group in 2017.
Uninviting Atmosphere
Along with diminishing food quality, some customers have noticed a shift in atmosphere from a comfy, cozy café to an unwelcoming space.
Some customers have pinpointed the new open seating style and angular surfaces as making them feel overcrowded and pushing them out the door.
Minimal Power Outlets
As a readily accessible café, Panera was a favorite place for getting work done outside of the office, but with too few outlets, that’s becoming difficult.
Finding a charger is a glaring problem for people who dine and work at Panera, and some customers have complained that the WIFI is likewise nominal for customers.
Upcoming Public Offering
The private equity firm behind Panera announced an initial public offering (IPO). This notoriously tricky business maneuver may leave the chain worse off.
While IPOs look good on paper, they ultimately prioritize the bottom line by eliminating jobs and cutting costs, which may maximize profits but likely decrease quality.
Unhappy Workers
Panera employees have been unhappy even before the IPO announcement, with one employee calling the chain an “incredibly toxic place” on Reddit.
Other employees on Reddit offered their experiences, with one worker describing incidents of screaming between themselves and management that caused tears.