"Miami, USA - May 20, 2012: Smucker's Goober Strawberry Peanut Butter & Jelly 18 OZ jar. Smucker's brand is owned by J. M. Smucker Co."

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Smucker's Is Upgrading Its Uncrustables Lineup In A Big Way
Made by Smucker’s, Uncrustables are circular pockets of peanut butter and jelly intended to make the classic sandwich more convenient. The freezer aisle snacks are available in grape jelly, strawberry jelly, honey, and chocolate, and now the brand is releasing two unique new varieties.
According to a press release from Smucker’s, the new savory meat and cheese Uncrustables will be available in early October 2022. They will come in two flavors — Uncured Ham and Cheddar and Turkey and Colby Jack, with each serving containing nine grams of protein.
The frozen sandwiches are dubbed “thaw and eat” treats, and are ideal for tossing in a lunchbox since they’ll be defrosted by lunch time. Uncrustables has released similar flavors in the past as Roll-Ups, so time will tell if the new versions will be discontinued like in the past or if they're here to stay.