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Stanley Tucci’s Favorite Sandwich Is A Masterpiece
You may know Stanley Tucci for his acting skills, but the food-centered episodes of his "Searching for Italy" series prove that he also knows his way around the kitchen.
While sharing his creativity on the "Desert Island Dishes" podcast hosted by chef Margie Nomura, Tucci mentioned that a grilled cheese masterpiece is his favorite sandwich.
Nomura made a tutorial TikTok to coincide with audio snippets from her interview with Tucci, during which he lists the ingredients to his pesto prosciutto grilled cheese.
She uses buttered artisan sourdough bread, and adds shredded white cheese, sliced prosciutto, and thick mozzarella cheese slices, just as Tucci mentions in the podcast.
Then she tops it off with basil leaves and pesto for added panache, and cuts the sandwich in two. That said, you can customize the sandwich if there's an ingredient you don't like.
Whether you copy the full recipe as is or adjust it a little to make it your own, you'll find that this masterpiece is a relatively easy sandwich to make.