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Starbucks UK Just Made An Important Announcement About Its Payment Options

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses worldwide have stopped accepting physical cash as payment in order to decrease the spread of germs. While some shoppers are content to never fish banknotes out of their wallets again, others are less enthused about our changing COVID world, and now Starbucks UK has become the target of their wrath.

Droves of UK customers are pushing to #BoycottStarbucks on Twitter, following the spread of a certain viral photo. A sign at an undisclosed Starbucks location states that the store "will only be accepting card, contactless & other Starbucks rewards payments"; one customer stated that a law should be put in place to prevent businesses from rejecting "legal tender" like cash.

Starbucks UK took to Twitter to state that the company has no plans to go completely cashless. Responses were mixed, but those who initially wanted to #BoycottStarbucks were pleased; one customer stated they prefer cash because it helps them keep their budget in check, saying, "When you're physically handing over solid money, it just makes you think twice."