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Subway's Month-Long Sandwich Deal Is Already Sold Out

Subscription-based TV streaming services have achieved unrivaled popularity, but fast food subscriptions could be the next big trend. For example, Panera recently rolled out an "Unlimited Sip Club," which gives members a free drink every two hours for $10.99 per month; other chains are now following suit, including Subway, whose latest offering has found smashing success.

Subway is known for its $5 footlongs, but with inflation at historic highs in 2022, the chain has invented a more financially savvy way to deal out its signature sandwiches. The all-new $15 Footlong Pass gives Subway subscribers one coupon code per day all throughout September, which can be redeemed for 50% off any footlong sandwich.

According to Axiom, customers would only need to buy three sandwiches to make this deal worthwhile. Subway released 10,000 passes on August 24 at 8 a.m. EST, and it took six hours for them to completely sell out; however, customers who showed up too late can still use the code "BOGO50" to buy one sub and get a second one for half-off.