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Surviving The Sriracha Shortage Might Be Easier Than You Think
Among the several causes of food shortages during the pandemic, faulty crop production is the major issue that has affected sriracha. The sriracha shortage is mainly because of a lack of red jalapenos imported from Mexico, but here’s the easy way how sriracha lovers can get past the upcoming months with limited supplies of their beloved hot sauce.
While the most realistic solution is opting for other hot sauces, most Huy Fong’s sriracha devotees will immediately taste the difference between the two. Among the popular alternatives, Shark Brand or Polar sriracha have been rated slightly higher than Huy Fong based on sweetness, spiciness, and overall taste, although the more obscure brands need to be ordered online.
But in case you didn’t like any of the sriracha alternatives, you can also try making your own sriracha at home. It’s not as complicated as it may seem, and it allows you to tweak the spiciness and sweetness to match your preferences, not to mention it’ll help you get through the current sriracha shortage.