Taco Bell restaurant in Canoga Park. The chain is now the leader in Mexican fast food chain stores. Pic. shows the logo in glass.  (Photo by Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

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Taco Bell Employee Ignites A Fire On Reddit After Calling Mexican Pizza Overrated
In August 2022, Taco Bell customers received the best news about their beloved Mexican pizza: the classic menu item was returning for good. Given the craze about the pizza, when a Taco Bell employee took to Reddit to call this iconic menu item “overrated” and a general nuisance to make, Mexican pizza-loving Redditors were quick to protest against the statement.
After an employee provoked the Taco Bell subreddit by writing, “Y'all wild thinking the Mexican Pizza is bomb; most mid thing on the menu,” almost 200 people rushed to defend its honor. Although personal opinions are valid, Redditors were in overwhelming agreement that Mexican pizza is actually the “bomb.”
One user politely asked, “So what’s top tier to you,” but the employee never responded, prompting another commenter to claim, “Yeah, no OP comment; they just don't wanna make the magnificent Mexican Pizza.” Other Redditors conceded that even though it’s a little pricey, they still love it, with one user saying, “it's not gourmet or top tier [...] but…nothing is quite like it.”