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Texas Roadhouse Steaks Ranked From Worst To Best

The name of this steak may be quite off-putting, because nobody wants to think about that when they’re about to chow down on some steak, but don’t let it fool you. Texas Roadhouse’s Road Kill steak is a juicy chop steak that has garnered plenty of good reviews online, even if it’s not the best offering on their menu.

10. Road Kill

For those who are on the hunt for a juicy sirloin steak at an affordable price, you can settle for the USDA Choice Sirloin from Texas Roadhouse. Although it’s a massive hit with customers and is one of the most popular menu items, some customers enjoy their other steaks better.

9. USDA Choice Sirloin

One of the most popular cuts of steak that money can buy is the traditional prime rib, which has a reputation for being tender and indulgent. According to many Texas Roadhouse customers, that’s essentially how their prime rib tastes, although many say other steakhouses do it better.

8. Prime Rib

Texas Roadhouse’s Ft. Worth Ribeye is strikingly similar to a bone-in ribeye, but is served sans bone. Naturally, this makes the ribeye a bit less flavorful than if the bone was kept in, but it’s still a wildly popular choice on the menu that is sure to make your mouth water.

7. Ft. Worth Ribeye

This dish comes with 3 three-ounce filets that are cooked to whichever perfection you desire. In addition, Texas Roadhouse serves the meal with a helping of rice to go with the steak, which isn’t too common for their menu.

6. Filet Medallions