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That Time Queen Elizabeth Sent A Handwritten Note To The Royal Kitchen
Following the passing of the queen, royal chef Darren McGrady shared an anecdote about the royal kitchen receiving a particularly memorable note from Queen Elizabeth II. In actuality, handwritten accounts from the queen weren't uncommon with the note in question being sent when Her Majesty spotted an unwanted visitor in her salad.
Upon finding a slug in her food, she placed it in a torn-off sheet of her comments book and wrote, "I found this in the salad — could you eat it?" Chef McGrady also recounted that he would receive notes if he changed the menu without alerting the queen to the new recipe.
Expressing his grief over the death of the queen Chef McGrady said to CNN, “You know, it's an incredibly sad day.” He followed that up by posting a tribute to the queen on his Instagram, with a photo of a smiling Queen Elizabeth and a caption that read, "RIP Your Majesty. Thank you for letting me cook for you for 11 years!”