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The 45 Best Lemon Recipes For Citrus Lovers
Classic Lemonade
The classic lemonade takes only three ingredients — lemon, sugar and water — to create the refreshing summer drink. The beverage is ready in only 10 minutes and it’s easy to add extra ingredients to the lemonade like basil or mint leaves to add a herbal touch and usually serves four.
Lemon Shortbread Cookies
The shortbread cookie dough is easy to make and needs only brief refrigeration to be ready for baking. Dusted with sugar, they're lightly sweet and the perfect accompaniment to tea or coffee and if you’re feeling creative, sandwich them with jam or buttercream frosting; or drizzle lemon juice on top.
Lemon Drop Shots
These easy-to-make and lightly sweet drink pairs vodka with lemon juice — use freshly squeezed lemon juice for the best possible flavor. Shake the cocktail till it’s cold, and serve the shot with a lemon slice. You can also try whipped cream vodka or coconut vodka for a sweeter twist.
Lemon Curd
Spread lemon curd over freshly baked scones or pancakes, and you can also use it as a substitute for jam when making thumbprint cookies or even as a filling for fruit tarts. Add a dollop or two to a cheesecake, or simply enjoy a bowl of lemon curd with fresh berries.
Lemon Cake
The lemon cake is a perfect summer dessert that you can have any time. This simple yet elegant cake is an easy-to-prepare dessert that takes less than an hour to bake, but just remember to be generous when pouring the lemon glaze over the cake, and dust it with a lot of powdered sugar.