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The $6 Aldi Purchase That Rivals Starbucks Drip Coffee
A recent Reddit post says it's hard to tell the difference between a cup of joe made by "a local roaster" and one made from Aldi's Simply Nature organic single-origin coffee beans.
The Aldi brand's $6 per 12-ounce bag comes in two varieties of these beans, sourced from Peru and Honduras. Both are medium roast and USDA-approved organic.
Aldi's Simply Nature coffee has won awards, such as the 2019 American Masters of Taste Superior Gold Medal Seal, and was praised by independent testers, like Chefs Best, in 2020.
Reviewers noted that the Peru and Honduras roasts offer a sweet, light, rounded flavor profile with a pleasant aftertaste hinting at caramel.
Reddit users agree, with one saying about the Peruvian coffee, "I was buying $20 a bag whole bean coffee from some small roasters — good stuff, but this is just as good."