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The Absolute Best Soul Food Restaurants In The US
Willie Mae's Scotch House - New Orleans
This is definitely one of the stops where you can find the best fried chicken you'll find in the South. This soul food paradise is a legend, serving up tasty treats like decadent, juicy fried chicken and mouthwatering sides like fried okra, creamy mashed potatoes, and homemade mac and cheese.
Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen - Los Angeles
The Kitchen has two locations in California; one in Inglewood and one in Los Angeles, and serves as a bit of a pilgrimage site for people who love smothered chicken. The smothered chicken really shines, though, and is the reason why people drive in from all over the state to sample it.
Florida Avenue Grill - Washington, D.C.
This restaurant offers all-day breakfast where hungry visitors can sink their teeth into perfectly cooked eggs, bacon, sausage, or even scrapple. You can either try the scrapple — a mix of pork items and cornmeal combined with spices — or salmon cake, or even piping hot french toast with sugar and cinnamon.
Benne on Eagle - Asheville, North Carolina
This restaurant serves upscale soul food with an elegant twist and also offers unique cocktails that make this restaurant the best date night spot in the city. The restaurant offers several delicious dinner options such as crispy fried green tomatoes with rich roasted mushrooms, candied lemon, and tart jackfruit.
Esther's Cajun Café & Soulfood - Houston
This place serves giant portions of all your soul food faves with towering portions of candied yams, oxtails, and tons of flavorful cornbread. According to its website, the café is based on a legacy of Cajun cooking and family recipes that meet today's palates and needs, which is why everything is fresh, flavorful, and authentic.