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The Absolute Worst Day To Shop At Costco
Foodies may find this hard to believe, but some people can't stand grocery shopping, especially when the store is loud and crowded. Costco is always enticing with its free samples, exclusive offers, and cheap grub from its food court, and we’ve figured out which days you should shop at Costco and which day you should definitely skip.
Finance Buzz reports that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons are the "sweet spot" for Costco runs, and stores are usually less crowded at these times. However, Mondays are the "worst" day, because plenty of Costco cardholders think they're being strategic by grabbing groceries after the weekend shoppers are gone.
USA Today also reports that Monday is the best day of the week to buy gas, but this news could backfire at Costco, since members already love to take full advantage of the chain’s inexpensive fuel. With an influx of shoppers and crowded gas lines, Costco is just too chaotic on Mondays, so try to plan your trips on other days.