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The Airline With The Most Chef-Worthy Food
Boarding a flight on an empty stomach is always a mistake since airline food leaves much to be desired. From a lack of options that cater to different dietary requirements to stale bread rolls, dry proteins, and under-seasoned mains, airplane food isn't a Michelin dining experience — unless you’re on one particular airline.
USA Today's Reader's Choice Awards 2021 voted Japan-based All Nippon Airways to be the best when it comes to in-flight food. Instead of bread that tastes like sawdust and wilted salads, All Nippon uses the words "soft and chewy" in front of its inflight bread and "sustainably sourced" and "fresh" in front of the kale served onboard.
When the COVID-19 lockdowns put a ban on travel, All Nippon delivered a total of 264,000 meals to Japanese residents all across the country who missed the airline's food. People were eating airplane food on the ground, voluntarily, so it’s no wonder All Nippon was voted to have the most chef-worthy airline food in the world.