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The Aldi Bread Reddit Is Calling ‘The Worst’ It’s Ever Tasted
The internet is fickle, and just as quickly as a viral post can send crowds of shoppers scrambling to buy the newest item, an unfavorable post can release a deluge of flak from like-minded critics. Aldi has become the latest victim of internet critics after one customer took to Reddit to expose a less than satisfying loaf of bread they bought there.
After one Reddit user described Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Classic White Bread by calling it, “the worst white bread I have ever tasted,” other Aldi shoppers felt the need to add their own criticism. One shopper said “If you think that’s bad, the keto low carb bread is even worse,” before comparing the bread to cardboard.
Others felt the need to defend Aldi and its brands. One user admitted “We actually like the white bread,”, and another defended the keto bread saying “Aldi has the best Keto Bread there is…” While some users argued amongst themselves, the most upvoted comment suggested, “Best bread at Aldi is sourdough round or square loaf.”