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The Aldi Chicken Item That's Getting Torched By Inflation
On the Aldi subreddit, one user posted a photo of the Kirkwood Cordon Bleu Chicken, with its price listed as $1.99, writing, "The Most Striking Instance of Inflation Yet! Have been $.99 forever!!!" Several Aldi shoppers expressed disappointment in the comments, with one noting, "I found out yesterday that my Aldi is now more expensive than my Wegmans... sad day."
However, the chicken cordon bleu price increase isn't the end of the world for those who prefer other brands. The top comment on the post reads, "I love Aldi, but the OG brand chicken cordon bleu (from Barber Foods) is superior. This Aldi chicken was a flop for me. On the bright side, the Barber Foods version is now cheaper!"
Many complained about the increased price of several other Aldi products, with one user saying, "Eggs are another one—from $1.80 a dozen to $3.30 by me. I've started buying from local farmers because it's cheaper." Other Aldi shoppers said that food items like carnitas, protein bars, and almond milk have also seen a significant price increase.