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The Aldi Chocolate Chips Reddit Swears Are Better Than Hershey's
Many people say you should get all of your baking essentials at Aldi because the products are more budget-friendly but taste just as good — if not better — than big-name brands. One such baking ingredient, chocolate chips, recently went viral on Reddit for being an excellent dupe for Hershey and Nestlé Toll House chocolate chips.
The Aldi subreddit went nuts after one shopper asked how Baker's Corner milk chocolate chips compare to big name brands. Most Redditors said they love Aldi's chocolate chips and one Redditor claimed that they buy Baker's Corner chocolate chips "exclusively," adding that they taste better than Hershey's.
Several others mentioned that they use Baker's Corner chocolate chips in countless recipes, from banana bread to waffles, cookies, granola, or even for a s'mores trail mix. It's safe to say if you are ever in Aldi you should grab a bag or two.