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The Aldi Cookie Dough That’s Causing Instagram To Rush To The Store
The taste of fall comes in many flavors, and while nothing can compare with a freshly baked cookie on a cold fall
day, sometimes cookie dough hits the
spot. For those with a cookie dough
craving, Aldi started selling the
perfect fall treat, and customers are
rushing to get their hands on it.
Due to popular demand as an annual item, The Cookie Dough Café’s edible cookie dough has made a return to Aldi shelves for a limited time only. The dough is made with real butter, cane sugar, and mini chocolate chips, making it a perfect fall snack with no concern about consuming raw eggs.
One Instagram user raved, “It’s delish! It’s way better than Ben and Jerry’s and doesn’t have a weird after taste,” while others warned that as an annual item, some Aldi stores may have already sold out. If you’re lucky enough to find it, a four-pack of cookie dough cups will set you back $4.99.