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The Aldi Finds You Need For A Truly Cozy December
Season's Choice Tots
The Loaded or Cheesy Jalapeño version bakes into crispy bites that pair perfectly with eggs and can be a side dish to any meal or a holiday movie snack.
Raspberry Danishes
Specially Selected Raspberry Danishes have a flaky pastry with a raspberry jam filling. A cup of coffee is perfect for these light and delicious pastries.
Crofton Tasting Flight
This DIY tasting can become a fun at-home experience over the holiday season. These tasting flights are available in wine and beer selections.
Squishmallow Slippers
Squishmallow is well-known for its adorable plushies but is available in four versions of holiday slippers at Aldi: cat, penguin, Santa, and snowman.
Mini Empanadas
Casa Mamita Mini Empanadas can be a quick snack or a filling meal, and they are available in savory Chicken and the vegetarian-friendly Roasted Corn Black Bean.