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The Aldi German Cheese Meal That's Giving Shoppers FOMO
It’s common for people on the internet to employ hyperbole; like one poster on Reddit who proclaimed they’re “moving to Germany'' after finding a particular German meal in Aldi’s frozen food aisle. The dish that drove the poster to want to expatriate was something called Pickle Cheese Shupfnudeln.
On the bag of Shupfnudeln, it says it’s an "Alsatian gnocchi with a creamy cheese sauce," but the poster merely says it's, "So good!" Though it certainly sounds like the poster enjoyed the meal, some people were concerned about the name, though not, as you’d think, with the complicated part.
"Why is it called Pickle?" asked one flummoxed individual and a helpful commenter explained, "The cheese is pickled," which likely gives it a unique flavor. However, there was an implication on the Reddit thread that Shupfnudeln might be a specialized offering that can only be found during German week.