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The Aldi Scotch That's Giving America Serious FOMO

Discount grocery chain Aldi may not have as many brand-name items as bigger stores, but it's a great place to buy cheap and satisfying alcohol. However, the U.S. has rather strict guidelines about the sale of alcohol, and American Aldi shoppers have FOMO about a brand of scotch that doesn't seem to be available in the States.

On the subreddit r/Aldi, a user posted a photo of a bottle of Highland Black scotch and wrote "​​It’s a shame we don’t get this in the American Aldi". They did not specify where this scotch can be found, but one user concurred, writing "I'd love to be able to buy whiskey at Aldi," while another commented that they wish bourbon was more available.

Another Redditor commented that "In 2018, two of Aldi's single malt scotches were rated #1 in the world." Spirited Matters found that Aldi's Highland Black — likely bottled for them by a separate distiller — did win acclaim in the Scotch Whisky Masters, but was never declared the "world's best scotch"; still, pretty impressive for a discount grocery brand.