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The Aldi Spring Mix That's Too Buggy For Reddit To Handle
On the Aldi subreddit, a shopper shared their experience after finding a dead dragonfly in the Spring Mix sold by the store with just a few bites left of their salad.
The Redditor noted, “I use two of these containers per week and never had this before. Ugh." Another poster said, “We once found a giant grasshopper in our spring mix."
As produce comes from the ground, it will make contact with dirt and insects. This may be why many bagged salads boast they're "triple-washed" or "ready to eat."
In another Aldi salad incident, premixed bags sold by the grocer were linked to a 2020 outbreak of Cyclospora infections that led to a recall, as documented by the FDA.
In another story reported by The Mirror in 2017, a woman found a large grasshopper that was still alive in her Aldi Mixed Leaf Salad. She saved the bug and the bag and returned it.