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The Amish Hack That Will Change How You Make Homemade Bread
Even if you don't have the 10 days to create the irresistible Amish Friendship Bread starter, you can still make your bread taste just like it by brushing some melted butter on top of the white bread before putting it into the oven. As a result, your bread will come out soft and golden with a slightly crunchy crust, and for a subtle flavor boost, use herb butter instead of plain butter.
However, don’t keep that loaf on top of the refrigerator or near a dishwasher, as heat emitting from those appliances causes the bread bagged in paper to dry out, while bread in plastic bags grows mold faster. Homemade bread can last up to four days if kept in an airtight container or bread box and stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.
Wrapping the loaf in plastic wrap and keeping it in the fridge nets you an extra three to five days, and bread can be stored in the freezer for six months. Another Amish secret is that a slice of bread can keep cookies fresh, as the moisture from the bread will keep cookies soft.