LOS ANGELES CA - MARCH 30: actress Angela Lansbury enjoys a cup of tea March 30, 1987 in  Los Angeles, California  ( Photo by Paul Harris/Getty Images )

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The Angela Lansbury Teapot Thread Is What You Need Today
One of Angela Lansbury’s most beloved roles is that of Mrs. Potts, the singing teapot in Disney's 1991 animated classic "Beauty And The Beast." Lansbury's fans honored the recently deceased actress and her Mrs. Potts role by tweeting photos of Lansbury side-by-side with photos of teapots that match her outfits.
Finding one teapot in a design that matches an Angela Lansbury outfit would be heartwarming enough, but one Twitter user managed to find 29. In a cute beach photo, she wears a plaid blouse in shades of Day-Glo pink, orange, and yellow, next to a matching teapot covered with an embroidered tea cozy in the same neon colors.
Did Lansbury spend decades unwittingly dressing like a darling teapot? Regardless, this Twitter thread may inspire her fans to create their own honorary Angela Lansbury-themed teapot collection, perfect for pouring a cup while singing her iconic "Beauty And The Beast" song, "Be Our Guest."