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The Beloved Fritos Flavor That's Making A Return This Fall
As September 2022 rolls on, food lovers are very excited as food brands are announcing their fall releases. While some are awaiting the seasonal Jeni’s ice cream, people who love the warmer months are pleased to learn that Frito-Lay is bringing back a corn chip flavor for this fall season.
Fans of summer barbecues and snacking are excited as Frito-Lay is bringing back its Bar-B-Q flavor, which was discontinued in 2018. When the flavor is brought back on September 19, people might not be firing up the grill as much, but it can help them cherish that special barbecue flavor as the seasons change.
Although this flavor has been rebooted as a summer seasonal item in the past, it’ll be introduced for good this time. More than 32,000 fans of this flavor had signed a petition asking the brand to bring it back so the return of the Bar-B-Q flavor is happy news for all these people who will now get to enjoy the chip for good.