Smoke rising around a slow cooked beef brisket on the grill.


The Best Brisket Replacement For Budget BBQs And Summer Smokes
Brisket is a tough cut of beef that comes with a great BBQ flavor when prepared properly, but if you’re looking to save money there’s a great alternative to look for: chuck roast.
Not only does chuck roast mimic a brisket's marbling, toughness, and flavor, but it’s also able to withstand the long cooking times necessary for preparation.
Chuck roast has better marbling due to its high fat content, and since it's located between the connective tissues, it has a similar effect as the exterior fat on a brisket.
Both cuts benefit from long cooking times to help tenderize the meat. Smoking is a great method for either since it infuses flavors that pair well with the rich beefy taste.
Chuck roasts become more flavorful and tender the longer they cook due to their rich marbling. Use a fruit wood for the best smoky flavor, or mesquite for a more full-bodied one.
You can also grill the chuck roast to add a nice sear and char flavor, but just make sure to marinate it overnight so it won't dry out.
Acidic ingredients like balsamic vinegar or orange juice will help tenderize the meat. Ingredients like garlic, olive oil, and sugar can help lock in the juices during grilling.