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The Best Costco Item To Invest In During Inflation, According To Reddit
The U.S. Bureau of Labor says that the inflation of consumer prices is up 9.1%, putting inflation at a new high over the past 40 years — and many experts believe that a key way to manage your money during an inflationary period is to invest. However, when the question of investing was put to Reddit, members of the social media platform had other ideas.
One thoughtful Redditor recently posted on the Costco subreddit that the best investment during inflation was Kirkland American Vodka, and many were quick to agree. When one investor simply said, "Better than Bitcoin," another commented, "I feel like it's like a best kept secret. Their vodka rocks, and is so damn cheap!"
However, a few commenters questioned the poster's sense of fiscal value, with one detractor noting, "I recommend buying Kirkland Signature French Vodka. It's distilled five times instead of six, so it has more flavor. It's not as watery as the American vodka." Another suggested using the French vodka "for 20% booze popsicles."