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The Best Mountain Dew Flavor, According To 52% Of People

Mountain Dew, the fruitier version of lemon-lime Sprite as per Eat Delights, was invented in the Tennessee mountains back in the 1940s and took off nationwide after PepsiCo bought it in the 1960s. It has released a bunch of new and unique flavors since then, and in a recent poll, one flavor stood out.

Mashed polled 594 people across the US on their favorite Mountain Dew flavor, and the original is still the crowd favorite, garnering 52.69% of respondents' votes. People love the classic taste, even though its 20-ounce bottle contains 290 calories and 91 mg of caffeine which is higher than other sodas.

Baja Blast was far behind in second place with 8.18% of the votes, followed by Code Red with 11.11% and Voltage with 6.4%. Major Melon and Baja Punch earned 5.22% and 5.05%, respectively, while Baja Flash was the least favorite flavor, with only 1.35% of the votes.