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The Best Sodas To
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Cream Floats
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Root Beer
Creamsicle Float
Good Humor created the original Creamsicle ice cream bar, a vanilla ice cream bar wrapped in orange-flavored sherbet. This can be customized with other flavors such as strawberry ice cream, a fruity sherbet, or sorbet as berries, tropical fruits, and different citrus flavors all go well with orange.
Purple Cow Float
This combines grape soda and vanilla ice cream, but other variations can be used like grape juice, frozen yogurt, or berry sorbet. Brandy Olsen-Myers of Farmer's Wife Rambles suggests using frozen grapes, blueberries, and blackberries, muddled with sparkling water for a naturally-flavored float.
Coke Float
This float uses Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or any comparable soda brand instead of root beer. Diet Coke and Coke Zero are simple substitutions for fewer calories and sugar, but other Coke flavors are great, such as Vanilla Coke and Starlight Coke.
Brown Cow Float
This float has many variations, such as Coca-Cola poured over chocolate ice cream or root beer and chocolate ice cream. Martha Stewart claims that a brown cow float is made with root beer, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup, while others use Coca-Cola, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup.
Pink Cow
This float is made with strawberry ice cream and topped with cream soda, and some variations include strawberry syrup or using regular soda. Some use red crème soda, such as Barq's Red Crème Soda, which is rarely available in stores, and Big Red and Dad's Creamy Red Soda.