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The Best Way To Eat Stroopwafels, According To Aldi Shoppers
The stroopwafel is a delectable Dutch treat that consists of two thin, crispy waffles with a layer of caramel in between and is seasonally available on Aldi. One Aldi shopper wrote on Reddit, “The caramel Stroopwafels are always a stock-up item for me," and also provided an amazing way to enjoy the treat, which might change your perspective about stroopwafels forever.
The Aldi shopper shared a snap of their stroopwafel sitting perfectly on top of a cup of tea, noting that there was "nothing more luxurious" than having the snack in that exact fashion. They also noted that the method will not only warm up the cookie from the steam, but also soften up the caramel that's in between the two waffles.
Several other Redditors agreed that this was the go-to way to snack on a stroopwafel and even Daelmans — the company that originated the treat back in 1904 — suggests topping your mug of coffee or tea for a few minutes to get the perfect bite, but there are options as well. "I love breaking them up and mixing them in soft serve ice cream," another Redditor wrote.