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The Biggest Scandal To Hit Steak 'N Shake
In 2019, Steak 'N Shake was brought before a Missouri court and charged with not paying overtime to 286 managers. The St. Louis managers were forced to work more than 50 hours a week without overtime pay, thereby prompting the court to order Steak 'N Shake's payment of $7.7 million in damages.
$6 million plus court fees from that $7.7 million went directly to the managers. Although the company was already in the process of closing stores, the closures only became worse following the trial.
A total of 82 restaurants shut down in 2020, and during the first quarter, the business recorded a loss of $7.9 million. However, despite the closures, more than 550 Steak 'N Shake locations still remain across 28 different states.