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The Bobby Flay Dish
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In 2019, celebrity chef Bobby Flay appeared on “The Rachael Ray Show” to prepare a dish that was loved by everyone, including Ray. In the long-awaited “Flay and Ray” collab, the “Beat Bobby Flay” host showed Ray how to make Cuban beef sandwiches.
Flay combined his beef and “sofrito” in a pressure cooker, and explained that sofrito is the foundation of many Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American dishes, and typically consists of garlic, peppers, onions, and more. He then added golden raisins, sherry, olives, and capers to create a sweet and sour flavor known as “picadillo” in Cuban cuisine.
Ray’s gleeful excitement was prominent as Flay began assembling the Cuban sandwiches, adding the shredded beef, Manchego cheese, pickled onions, and cilantro, and she exclaimed, “My mouth is watering!” as Flay cut into the dish. He also revealed an alternative way to serve the beef, where home chefs can pair it with the Iron Chef’s signature crispy rice.