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The British Fast Food Prince William Loves
While certain billionaires might enjoy fast foods because of childhood nostalgia, it's hard to imagine royals like Prince William having childhood memories of takeaway outlets. In the documentary “Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health,” Prince William revealed that he was a fan of some fast foods that had been introduced to him by a protection officer.
In his documentary on mental health, when a Nando’s employee asked the prince if he liked the restaurant, Prince William replied, “I like Nando's, everyone likes a Nando's.” He added, “In fact, the policeman who's on with me again [today], he's the one who gets me the Nando's the whole time.” The Prince’s personal favorite is the peri-peri chicken.
Nando’s is a Portuguese-style chicken restaurant that serves flame-grilled chicken blasted in peri-peri sauce. Customers can choose from the available heat levels of extra hot, hot, medium, or lemon and herb. Out of the 1,000 Nando’s locations, 453 are in the U.K., so it’s no surprise that it’s popular with famous people like Prince William, David beckham, and Ed Sheeran.