Chex Mix in a clear bowl


The Butter Mistake You're Making With Homemade Chex Mix
A classic homemade Chex Mix mixes three types of Chex cereal with pretzels, nuts, bagel chips, and savory seasonings, then coated in butter and baked into a delicious party snack.
Adding a ton of melted butter to crunchy cereal may seem counterintuitive, but if baked correctly, butter helps make everything extra crunchy and adheres to the flavor.
Use one stick of melted, unsalted butter for every 10 cups of the cereal mixture. Pour half of the butter and stir to coat the pieces, then add the rest and mix for even coverage.
To prevent the butter from making the crunchy crackers and cereal soggy, it must be baked properly. Use multiple baking sheets to leave space on the pan for the mix to dry out.