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The Butter You Need To Be Buying At Sam's Club
According to reports, the food items that the 2022 inflation affected the most are beef, chicken, eggs, rice, pasta, cornmeal, milk, and butter. However, luckily for budget-conscious shoppers, one Redditor shared a great deal they found on Kerrygold Irish butter at Sam's Club.
"Went to Sam's Club solely because they have the best price on Kerrygold. 6 sticks for $9. Might as well stock up," the Redditor wrote in the caption. Fellow Redditors seemed delighted to learn about this deal, with one noting, "Oh my GOD that's a steal," and another commenting, "[I] love kerry gold butter, you could cover a brick with it and i'd eat it."
The original poster added that they spent $56 on the Irish butter on that trip because it was the best price they could find in their area. The fundamental difference between Irish butter and regular butter is that European butter has a higher butterfat content, resulting in a richer flavor — so if butter is a major flavor component in a dish, there's no substitution for Irish butter.