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The Candy Corn Cocktail That Was Made For October
While candy corn is a favorite candy for many, it is also one of the most disliked candies of the Halloween season. However, there is a candy corn cocktail that can evoke feelings of nostalgia without having any of the actual candy in it.
The Candy Corn Martini replicates the traditional orange, yellow, and white color scheme of candy corn in glass form. The drink contains layers of grenadine, vodka with pineapple juice, topped with whipped cream, but none of the actual candy corn, and not even crushed candies on the rim.
However, for those who do enjoy the taste of candy corn, there is another candy corn drink recipe that calls for dusting the glass rim with sprinkles and corn syrup. For more inspiration, you could search Instagram using the hashtag #candycorncocktail to explore different iterations of the drink.