A pint of Guinness beer is pictured in London, on May 9, 2008. Diageo, the alcoholic beverages giant, said Friday it plans to overhaul its Guinness operations in Ireland in a bid to cut costs and boost production of the distinctive black stout. Diageo, the world's biggest maker of alcoholic drinks, said it would close two breweries and renovate its famous St. James's Gate brewery in the centre of Dublin -- where Guinness has been made for the past 250 years. AFP PHOTO/Leon Neal (Photo credit should read Leon Neal/AFP via Getty Images)

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The Canned Guinness Hack That Promises A Perfectly Poured Pint Every Time
Bartenders around the world are trained to pour Guinness Draught properly, and for those of us looking to enjoy a pint at home, there is a method for pouring the perfect pint of Guinness from a can. Guinness' global head of quality suggests two pouring methods for draught-like quality at home: the soft and hard pour.
For the soft pour, tilt the can 45 degrees and allow the beer to slide down the side of the glass. The hard pour involves inverting a pint glass on top of an open can of Guinness, swiftly flipping the entire thing 180 degrees while keeping the can straight up and down, and slowly lifting the can to fill the glass to the brim.
There is one more popular approach from a dart-wiedling stout drinker on TikTok: like the hard pour, a can of Guinness is inverted into a pint glass. Just as the beer starts to flow, the side of the can is punctured with a dart (or anything sharp), and the hole allows air to surge into the can, producing the perfect head of beer.