Hands holding plate of fried chicken


The Canned Ingredient That Ensures Moist, Tender Fried Chicken
To enhance the tenderness and flavor of fried chicken, try adding cream of chicken soup. It enriches the chicken's taste and prevents moisture loss during frying.
The soup also functions as a binder for the flour and cornstarch mixture. To create a batter, combine a can of cream of chicken soup, a large egg, and seasoning salt.
Dip the chicken in the soup-slash-egg-wash and coat it with a flour and cornstarch mixture. The soup can also be a marinade, but it’s not advised.
When selecting cream of chicken soup, stick with a single brand to avoid mixing flavors. While you could make a stock mix at home, it’s easier to pick up a can from the store.
You could replace the cream of chicken soup with other cream soups, like cream of mushroom.
The soup could also double as a dipping sauce or gravy.
While it is possible to use cream of chicken soup as a marinade, you’ll want to add buttermilk or regular milk to it, as they act as better tenderizers.
Don’t rinse the chicken before cooking, and consider brining the chicken for added flavor and juiciness before coating and frying it with the cream of chicken mixture.