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The Chick-Fil-A Hack That Blew Up TikTok
A Chick-fil-A hack shown in TikToker grubspot's video suggests adding a kick to the chain's iconic chicken sandwich by topping it with two unexpected ingredients. In the video, the TikToker places the chicken patty into the package the sandwich came in, squeezes two packets of sweet and spicy sriracha sauce into the same container, and shakes up the concoction.
To finish off the hack, after returning the patty to the buns, grubspot tops off the sandwich with a side of mac and cheese. Quite obviously, the video, which scored over 780,000 likes on the platform, had Tiktokers divided on whether the viral hack was a Chick-fil-A lovers' greatest dream or most horrific nightmare.
While plenty of users seemed eager to try it, with one commenter saying they also enjoyed eating mac and cheese on spicy chicken — other Chick-fil-A fans couldn't bring themselves to support the mac and cheese combo. As one user wrote, "Mac and cheese ruined it," another stated, "Lost me at Mac and cheese."