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The Classic Beat Bobby Flay Moment That Embarrasses Bobby Today
All of Bobby Flay's embarrassing onscreen moments might pale in comparison to his performance on the very first episode of "Beat Bobby Flay" in 2013. Food Network recently posted a video of Flay reacting to the episode, in which he was tasked with making chicken parm and he used a piquillo pepper pesto (instead of tomato sauce) in his version of the dish.
While Flay watched it back, he wondered out loud, "Why was I making a pesto for chicken parm?" as he shook his head and hid his face. "I could tell, I really thought this was a good idea," he said while laughing at himself. Flay certainly seemed ashamed of the culinary choice he made in the episode, but it wasn't the sauce that caused his ultimate downfall.
What the judges actually disliked in Flay's chicken parm — and what lost him the challenge — was the "overpowering" type of cheese he used, as well as his dish's lack of seasoning compared to his opponent's. Still, the celebrity chef humbly relived the experience with a wise perspective, noting how his cooking style has "evolved" in the decade since.