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The Classic Cocktails Everyone Should Try Once, According To An Expert

Cocktail expert James MacInnes has no objection to amateur mixologists attempting to create their own craft cocktails at home, but he recommends they "invest in some quality tools" and research drink recipes. As to what drinks they should start with, the Liquor Boss has a few suggestions.

The first drink MacInnes recommends is a Clover Club, a 19th-century drink made with gin, egg white, lemon juice, and raspberry syrup — kind of a fruity pink version of a gin fizz. He also suggests trying the uber-trendy negroni — a bitter brew of gin, Campari, and vermouth — or a gin martini that is stirred, not shaken.

For non-gin drinkers, MacInnes suggests the pisco sour, which is made with the South American spirit of the same name, an egg white, simple syrup, lime juice, and bitters. He also includes an iconic Mai Tai, made with orgeat, lime juice, orange curacao, and light and dark rums.