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The Coke Product With Roots In Cosmic Horror And Satire
Coke has introduced different flavors over the years, but few remember Coke Heartthrob with its flavors of amaretto and rosewater. While this flavor doesn’t ring a bell with even die-hard fans of Coke, some Reddit users claim to have fond memories of Coke Heartthrob — and it is complete fiction.
Online artist Trevor Roberts is the creator, author, and illustrator of the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park project, an internet archive of a fictitious national park built around a giant underground monster in West Texas. Coke Heartthrob was advertised at the site, and is Roberts’ creation.
Roberts explained that the use of corporations in his work adds a sense of realism while making a point about product placement and the intrusive world of marketing. Coke Heartthrob isn’t real, but that may be a good thing since it’s made from draining the fluid from the Flesh Pit monster’s glands.