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The Controversial Costco Cart Hack That’s Dividing Reddit
If you thought choosing between a flat pallet cart or a traditional shopping cart was the most controversial cart-related choice at Costco, think again. A recent, seemingly harmless Costco cart hack has left Reddit users arguing among themselves.
The hack is meant to remedy one of the few flaws of the Costco shopping experience: the fact that their shopping carts have no cup holders. Reddit user u/MTgal98 posted a picture using the child safety straps to construct a makeshift cup holder, captioning it, “I don’t want to call myself a genius or anything, but here we are.”
While many users seemed to appreciate u/MTgal98’s clever contraption, others questioned how sanitary it would be to secure a cup with what one user called a “crotch strap,” arguing that it had been in too close contact with diapers and children’s germs. In the end, other users defended the hack, pointing out that you’re bound to encounter germs throughout Costco.